Dr. McLawsen provides psychological evaluations that guide legal decision-makers. Her practice focuses on evaluations for immigration contexts, with special emphasis on I-601 extreme hardship waivers and Adam Walsh matters. Dr. McLawsen communicates with the attorney involved in the matter to ensure that she provides an evaluation tailored to the legal issues at hand.

Once the evaluation is complete, Dr. McLawsen drafts a comprehensive report that typically ranges from 10 to 15 pages. Work samples are available on request. She is available for follow-up consultation with the attorney involved to answer questions about the report.


Dr. McLawsen is licensed to practice psychology in the State of Washington. Additionally, she is a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia, Canada.


Dr. McLawsen graduated from Stanford University in 2002, earning a BA in psychology in three years, focusing on neuroscience. She earned her PhD from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, one of the country's most respected forensic psychology programs. Dr. McLawsen's doctoral thesis examined how different states implement sex offender civil commitment laws.

Professional experience

  • IMA Solutions. Dr. McLawsen conducts independent comprehensive psychological evaluations to address a wide range of referral questions posed by attorneys, insurers, and employers. Dr. McLawsen's evaluations include diagnostic formulations, psycholegal analysis, and -- when relevant -- evidence-based treatment recommendations and recommendations regarding workplace accommodations. 
  • Pierce County Competency Panel. Dr. McLawsen is one of a handful of psychologists contracted by Pierce County to assess capacities relevant to criminal defendants' competence to proceed to trial. She regularly evaluates criminal defendants at the Pierce County Jail and provides reports to Pierce County Superior and District Courts.
  • Western State Hospital. Dr. McLawsen is a former forensic evaluator for one of Washington State's two psychiatric hospitals. Her work focused on providing forensic psychology evaluations for use in civil commitment proceedings, competency hearings, and assessment of "not guilty by reason of insanity" matters. Dr. McLawsen provided evaluations to courts on a weekly basis and testified in scores of cases. 
  • Washington State Special Commitment Center. Dr. McLawsen provided sexual violence risk evaluations for individuals detained on McNeil Island and in assorted secure transition facilities. Evaluations focused assessing future risk for sexual violence. This experience, along the focus of her doctoral thesis, informs Dr. McLawsen's assessment of subjects in Adam Walsh Act immigration matters.
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) Centre of Vancouver. Dr. McLawsen performed diagnostic assessments along with individual and group therapy. This therapy experience strengthens Dr. McLawsen's ability to provide accurate diagnostic formulations and to recommend state of the art, evidence-based psychological treatment.

University affiliations

  • Clinical Instructor, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.
  • Clinical Associate, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Colombia

Dr. McLawsen's full profile is available here.